“…Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there…”
Will Rogers

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Bill Michalak is an expert in Human Resources Management with over 30 years of business experience. This experience  has been gained from the shop floor to the executive suite in a broad array of industries including steel production,  construction, financial services, manufacturing, petroleum, energy, chemicals, insurance and railroads. He has worked 
with privately held organizations, industry associations, not-for-profits and Fortune 12 global conglomerates. 

Bill has his BS degree from St. Joseph’s Calumet College in Psychology and he has studied Organizational Psychology at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business through the Returning Scholar Program. Additionally he has  participated in numerous executive development courses at a variety of universities including Northwestern, The Wharton 
School, Harvard University, The University of Southern California to name a few. He also holds certifications from the  Center for Creative Leadership and Lominger.

Throughout his corporate career, Bill was typically the first incumbent in the positions he has held, so trailblazing is  something with which he is very familiar and comfortable. He has created Human Resource functions from the ground up  in privately held organizations as well as establish executive succession plans for the top 100 positions in an  organization with over 80,000 employees. Working with organizational leadership as a team member as well as a coach  and counselor is something Bill has focused on in his career. His approach to Human Resources management considers  best practices, but focuses on relevant practices based on the specific business context, rather than simply copying  what others have done.

  WCM Human Resource Consulting
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